Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Exam: Competitive Entrance Examination 2nd Cycle

Provider: HTTTC (ENSET) Bambili

Session: July 2011

Communication and Information System (Major)
1. 0
In a database, a field corresponds to:
  • An index
  • A column of a table
  • A list of values
2. 0
In a database, a request will be useful to me for:
  • To remove information in my base
  • To emphasize the answers to an interrogation which I make at my base
  • To know the use of a navigator
3. 0
When I want to add information to my database I do it in:
  • A question
  • A report/ratio
  • A file
  • A table
  • A form
4. 0
An info center is:
  • Software configuration of a “Datacenter”
  • A software system allowing the users non-specialists to access to data stored on databases
  • A center collecting the whole of the data company
5. 0
What means the acronym C.N.I.L?
  • National court of data processing and of freedom
  • National room of litigious information
  • National commission of data processing and freedoms
  • National IT commission and freedoms
6. 0
When one speaks about centralized computing system, that means:
  • All information is processed by only one computer
  • All information is processed in only one unit where the computers are concentrated
  • Information is processed in the various centers of activity (for example a prefecture)
  • Information cannot be analyzed in the data processing center processing in the control center
7. 0
At the conceptual level, which is the name of the underlined properties?
  • Primary key
  • Identifier
  • Foreign key
8. 0
What correspond have an entity at the physical level?
  • With a relation
  • With an association
  • With a table
9. 0
What become nonfunctional associations at the physical level?
  • A relation
  • An entity
  • A table
10. 0
A data base is:
  • A unit organized and structured information relating to the same precise topic
  • A whole of cards
  • A plan of classification of information
  • A waiter internet