Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Exam: Competitive Entrance Examination 2nd Cycle

Provider: HTTTC (ENSET) Bambili

Session: July 2012

Communication and Information System (Major)
1. 0
Among the proposals, which are not design methods information systems:
  • UML
  • XML
2. 0
In programming, is an exception:
  • A mechanism for error handing
  • A piece of program that is used exceptionally and is generally not essential
  • A UML use case; which contradicts the use cases nominal
3. 0
In programming, the indentation is:
  • An indexing mechanism functions
  • The mechanism is to nest functions to speed up processing time
  • The mechanism which consists of shifting the program instructions to the right to make them more readable
4. 0
The structure of a database means:
  • The hardware components of the database
  • Typing data created in the database
  • How is built the database
5. 0
Cryptography is:
  • A method of protection against the virus
  • The set of techniques to encrypt messages
  • A secure communication in the database
  • The method of freezing the virus
6. 0
Modeling and computer management of all task and various actors involved in the implementation of a process is:
  • Schedule
  • Workflow
  • ENT
  • RSS feed
7. 0
Conceptually, what is the name of highlighted properties?
  • Primary key
  • Login
  • Foreign key
8. 0
What does an entity at the physical level?
  • In a relation
  • In an association
  • At a table
9. 0
UML is
  • The “data” part of the method MERISE
  • A communication standard
  • A modeling language
  • A method of modeling
10. 0
The following statement in SQL “SELECT name FROM agent WHERE age > 10 ORDER BY age” can:
  • List the names of all officers of the table agent
  • Classify the agents alphabetically
  • List the names of workers over 10 years classified by age
  • Have the number of workers over 10 years
11. 0
A linker is:
  • A program that allows you to set a symlink to a life or directory
  • A program that allows you to group files (objects and libraries) to form an executable or a new library
  • Option of a web browser to edit the links on web pages
  • The program specializes in the management of connections between file extensions and applications
12. 0
If a computer resource sharing on a network, it becomes:
  • A server
  • A customer
  • A mainframe
  • A router
13. 0
What is AGL?
  • A CASE tool
  • An automatic linguistic genius
  • A standalone program generation Linux
14. 0
A program that translates source code into an executable is:
  • Publisher
  • Compiler
  • Emulator
  • Interpreter
QCM (5marks)